Other/Conversations in Isolation

As we enter this period of profound change, Other/Conversations is moving in a new direction.  The mission statement of the site remains the same; we would like to host young writers, some established, some entirely new to freelancing, and provide them with the creative freedom to tackle any subject they find interesting.  We hope that, even in these difficult times, there are many who still have an urge to write, or to review, or to consider, or to debate, or to defend… wherever these impulses lie, we would still like to provide a platform.  

We want to document this period.  In that regard, we are opening the site to some new ventures:

We are opening a Letters Page.  Any correspondence we receive (more details below), we will publish here.  This correspondence can be on any subject you wish; we are not just looking for responses to our articles, we are looking for letters of protest, for letters that uplift, for letters that document your own experience of this pandemic, or of what you hope may come after we are allowed to step out of isolation.  Anything and everything is of interest to us.

We likewise welcome Creative Responses.  Whether it be short stories, diary entries, poems, etc… for any who find themselves drawn to create something, we would really like to hear from you.

And finally, we are still always looking for Pitches.  Other/Conversations has hosted some astonishing essays on politics, theatre, film, and television, and we hope to continue doing so in the coming months.  This site has always been for personal essays and personal responses; we know people have things to say, and we want to give them every opportunity to say it. 

All submissions/enquiries should be sent to: contactotherconversations@gmail.com

if you have anything you want to submit…

If you are sending in a letter, please put ‘LETTER + your name’ in the subject line.

If you are sending in a creative response, please put ‘CREATIVE RESPONSE + your name’ in the subject line.

If you are sending in a pitch, please put ‘PITCH + your name’ in the subject line.